As we change clothes for every season, so a kimono changes its clothes according to a season. Change a kimono for seasons is no difference it between dress. However, if this is known, it will be able to have a kimono on comfortably more. It introduces what kimono it should have on at which season here.
Charge: Onodera

month Kimono Obi Nagajuban Coat/Feather weave


Awase Awase Awase
February Awase Awase Awase Awase
March Awase Awase Awase Awase
April Awase Awase Awase(Up to the 14th)
Hitoe(From the 15th)

Awase(Up to the 14th)
Hitoe(From the 15th)

Awase(Up to the 9th)
Hitoe nothing
June Hitoe Hitoe(Up to the 9th)
Thin thing(From the 10th)
Usumono Usumono
July Usumono Usumono Usumono Usumono
August Usumono Usumono(Up to the 19th)
Hitoe(From the 20th)
Usumono Usumono
September Hitoe Hitoe(Up to the 19th)
Awase(From the 20th)
Usumono Usumono
October Awase Awase Hitoe Hitoe
November Awase Awase Awase Awase
December Awase Awase Awase Awase


Name Explanation
Awase The kimono which attaches lining cloth Generally the reverse side of Awasenagagi of a female thing attaches Douura and Susomawashi.
Hitoe One-sheet the kimono of a cut.


The kimono of transparent materials, such as Silk gauze(絽), Sha (紗), Hemp(麻) and Ra (羅), and a race.