The population of Japan is about 125,930,000 at present.

But there isn't much population of
the farmer at all with the about 1.6 %.

The whole
about 2,000,000 people get this.This, it's seen, a farmer understands a little thing in Japan.The percentage of the age occupied in a farmhouse among these?

60 percent of the agricultural population are more than 65 years old.
A little number of people as only 5 %
is a problem very much for the prime of life of less than 35 years old.

The average age of the farmer is 68.5 years old, and the generation
near approximately 70 years old will be engaged in agriculture strenuously.

It's lack of a successor that it can be named as the cause of this agriculturist's aging.
At the farmhouse where less than 70-year-old agriculturist is here

One will be a subject, and the whole seven tenths know that
I'm doing the farming.A successor isn't here and is one.

It's said that the accident farming in recent years is also increasing.

The one

It's because
the early stage cost to do the farming are high.

It requires
a big cost to buy a machine for region of a high price and agriculture to buy a farm implement.

It's because I sometimes
borrow money to do the farming.


The second

It's because
it's much.The beginning has just started and is to there.

Farm lands is increased
and is that work is increased.

Because there is a person who stops on the way.

The third

It's because
the income is small.

The sales which become a rice farmer, and are the first year are an average,
with 2,300,000 yen.

To cost a lot of money less than office worker's annual income.
I'll bear the big deficit.

From these points.

To increase a successor in the young generation when only 5% is here.

I get a big policy and I can think
it's necessary to increase the merit in agriculture.