The transmission distance of electric wave system is long.

Long-distance electrical transmission is possible for this system.

This system excels in long-distance transmission compared with other systems.

The feature of the microwave which is a kind of an electric wave is related.

The wavelength of microwave is  1cm ~ 10cm.

Microwave has the characteristic which goes straight on.

The problem and Measure of transmission or reception

A setup of the transmitting direction is a problem.

Gap of the transmitting side affects a receiving side greatly.

It is necessary to fix both.

The power transmission side is fixable.
A receiving side cannot necessarily be fixed.

The electric wave for communication is used.

A communication wave pinpoints a position.
A setup of the transmitting direction is designed the power transmission side to transmit microwave towards there.

拡大できます 拡大できます

The method of raising accuracy by Pinpointing a position is called retro directive system.

This system is concerned with the system of electric wave.

Transmission and a receiver machine

The transmitting side has the function to change electricity into microwave.
Moreover, there is a function to fly microwave.

The antenna of a different form is used for a receiver machine.

Useless electric power occurs in the transmitting side.

This is not avoided.
It is a subject of this field.

The wavelength of microwave is related to the form of an antenna.


Influence on a human body and environment0

It actually has almost no influence.

We focus on influence of microwave.

Microwave does not have a direct effect to a human body and environment.

The microwave of a microwave oven generates heat.
But,heat does not occur in wireless electric supply.

Since the microwave of safe strength is used, it is safe.

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