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Let's Reduce Space Debris -Our Opinion-

In this page, Guidelines to reduse space debris and our opinions are written. We want you to see this and think measures to reduse space debris.

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Debris Reduction Guidelines

On February, 2007, Debris Reduction Guidelines was agreed in UNCOPUOS.

Now, this guidelines is known in the world as base. What kind of details does this have?

This is guidelines, but this don't have legally binding at all, and countries which say that they observe the guidelines are almost developed countries.

I want you to keep that in mind and read the guidelines.

Guidelines 1・2

Guideline 1: Limit debris released during normal operations

Space systems should be designed not to release space debris during normal operations.

If this is not feasible, the effect of any release of space debris on the outer space environment should be minimized.

During the early decades of the space age, launch vehicle and spacecraft designers permitted the intentional release of numerous mission-related objects into Earth orbit,including, among other things,
sensor covers, separation mechanisms and deployment articles.

Dedicated design efforts, prompted by the recognition of the threat posed bysuch objects,
have proved effective in reducing this source of space debris.


Guideline 2: Minimize the potential for break-ups during operational phases

Spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages should be designed to avoid failure

modes which may lead to accidental break-ups.

In cases where a condition leading to such a failure is detected, disposal and passivation measures should be planned and executed to avoid break-ups.

Historically, some break-ups have been caused by space system malfunctions, such as catastrophic failures of propulsion and power systems.

By incorporating potential break-ups scenarios in failure mode analysis, the probability of these catastrophic events can be reduced.

Guidelines 3・4

Guideline 3: Limit the probability of accidental collision in orbit

In developing the design and mission profile of spacecraft and launch vehicle stages, the probability of accidental collision with known objects during the system’s launch phase and orbital lifetime should be estimated and limited.

If available orbital data indicate a potential collision, adjustment of the launch time or an on-orbit avoidance manoeuvre should be considered.

Some accidental collisions have already been identified. Numerous studies indicate that, as the number and mass of space debris increase, the primary source of new space debris is likely to be from collisions. Collision avoidance procedures.

Guideline 4: Avoid intentional destruction and other harmful activities

Recognizing that an increased risk of collision could pose a threat to space.

operations, the intentional destruction of any on-orbit spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages or other harmful activities that generate long-lived debris should be avoided.

When intentional break-ups are necessary, they should be conducted at sufficiently low altitudes to limit the orbital lifetime of resulting fragments.


Guideline 5: Minimize potential for post-mission break-ups resulting from stored energy

In order to limit the risk to other spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages from accidental break-ups, all on-board sources of stored energy should be depleted or made safe when they are no longer required for mission operations or post-mission disposal.

By far the largest percentage of the catalogued space debris population originated from the fragmentation of spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages. The majority of those break-ups were unintentional,
many arising from the abandonment of spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages with significant amounts of stored energy.

The most effective mitigation measures have been the passivation of spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages at the end of their mission.

Passivation requires the removal of all forms of stored energy, including residual propellants and compressed fluids and the discharge of electrical storage devices.

Guideline 6: Limit the long-term presence of spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages in the low-Earth orbit (LEO) region after the end of their mission

Spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages that have terminated their operational phases in orbits that pass through the LEO region should be removed from orbit in a controlled fashion.

If this is not possible, they should be disposed of in orbits that avoid their long-term presence in the LEO region.

When making determinations regarding potential solutions for removing objects from LEO, due consideration should be given to ensure that debris that survives to reach the surface of the Earth does not pose an undue risk to people or property,
including through environmental pollution caused by hazardous substances.

Our Opinion

We said that we want you to keep“Recommendation”in mind before you read the guidelines.
The guidelines don't have binding force and countries which break guidelines aren't got penal regulations. Why don't the guidelines have binding force?
We think UNCOPUOS has problem.

Seventy six countries belong to UNCOPUOS. Such many countries may make the problem that they cannot decide,and not carry a bill because of storong country's, for example America, pressure. Is this because “Recommendation”is used?

Moreover, UNCOPUOS is small one of the agency of the United Nations,so we think the United Nations doesn't concentrate power.

We think people should make the system which take space debris's problems besides the United Nations.
However, they decide penal regulations beforehand, the countries which feel inconvenient may reject participation.
That is meaningless.

Then, what do we do?
We discussed this problem. Please think before you look“Debate”.

Let's Get Rid of Debris

Removal System Summary

In this chapter, you can know about artificial satelites which get rid of debris, and the problem of them.

A remove sistem that has already done it's demonstration has came from ASTROSCARE company.

For example, there are the sistem of ”BOY and MOTHER” and GOSSAMER. These two sistems search for artificial satelites whose body is left.

They both go close to debris, and they dock with it.After that, They jump into the atmosphere.

What We Thought in Thinking

ASTROSCARE company which says and carries measures getting rid of debris and is pioneer is great.
We want to increase like this company.

In the future, if system that debris evaporate completely and system that recycle resources are developed , business getting rid of debris will establish .

It would kill two birds with one stone.

Draft of the Past


As we had said in this website, spacedebris are going around the earth on orbit a satelite at the speed of eight kilometers a second.

This means that it has a very big power. For example, even if it was a small screw, it has the power to break through a thick steel plate.
We can say that it is the biggest problem for us to do space developments. However, there aren't any solutions. It is becoming very dangerouse. To keep on doing space developments, we have to get rid of them.

It is sayed that the best way is to speed down the debris, and burn it out by increacing the frictiomal air to speed it down more and burn it out by using insulate compression.In different words, we only have to speed them down.

Well then, why do you think it is said that it is difficult to solve the problem? We will like to tell you why by presenting sone failurs.

・Slowing it dawn by bumping something into it directly.

Why can't we just bump something into it if we only have to slow it dawn? is the plan.
However, this is going to make it worse.

Space debris have very big amount of energy becouse they are moving at the speed of eight kilometers a second.
If it crashes in to something, it falls apart, and they all become debris.

We call this phenomenon the Kessler Syndrome.

・Catch them by a kind of a net

It is actually possicle if you move at the same speed with debris, but only if they weren't hdading to different directions.

If your net moving at the speed of eight kilometers a second bumps into anther debris comming from the oposite side, the relative velocity becomes sixteen kilometers a second.
That't going to make a mess.

・Replace debris to something light

It is a way to replace debris by making It go through something light like a giant Syrofoam.
Even if you can replace it with Syrofoam, this time there would be a huge amount of Syrofoam instead of debris.
There must be some people who might think”Isn't it alright if it is Syrofoam?”.
Even it is Syrofoam it still moves in the speed of eight kilometers a second, so we can't call this a solution.


Introductory Chapter

Reila:Debris are very dangerouse!  

Reila:We have to do something quickly!

Ryusei:Is there anything we can do?  

Reila:I was thinking about that and I thought that...  

Reila:it is necesary to reduce them, not to make them, and to protect ourselves from them.

Ryusei:I agree with you.

Ryusei:I think we need a public measures.  

Reila:public measures?   

Ryusei:The reasons why measures of Debris are not smooth is becouse

Ryusei:becouse many countryes aren't thinking about them so hard, right?

Reila:That's true!

Reila:They were using ambiguous words in the guideline, weren't they?


Reila:Let's talk about it by separating them into public measures and physicle measures.

Physical Measures

・That it does not emit debris

Reila:Firstly let's try to think of a way not to make any Debris.


Ryusei:isn't there anything we can do?


Reila:Hey!It's Deriboo!

Reila:Let's think together!

Deriboo:Oink! O.K.!

Reila: We have to do something about the brakeups, right?

Ryusei:Brakeups are explosions which happens when something impacts the fuel in the rocket. Is that right?

Reila: Yes.

Ryusei:Why not decreace the amount of fuel?      

Ryusei:It explodes becouse there is some fuel left, doesnt it?


Ryusei:Ah?!What is it Deribo?

Deriboo:If you do that, satelites couldn't even reach their destination!

Reila: Oh…right…

Reila: If that happens, they become Debris too.

Ryusei:That's going to make it worse.   

Reila:Then...can't we just remove the fuel outside?

Reila: That won't make any explosions.

Deliboo:That is what they do as a measure to brakeups.

Ryusei:Then...what happens to the fuel?

Ryusei:Doesn't it keep floating in space?

Deriboo:Oink…(That should be correct.)

Reila: Are they doing that even they know that that happens?

Reila: I can't understand that.

Ryusei:I’ll search if there is anything else.

Reila: Thanks!            

 ・      ・     ・      ・     ・      ・

Ryusei : Found! I found it!

Reila : Really!?

Ryusei : Well...Space debris reduction...solid promotion medicine...?

Deri-boo : What is like?

Ryusei : The cinders which is borned during burning of fuel seem not to be space debris.

Reila : But, what should we do when fuel remain?

Reila : After all, can we nothing except releasing?

Deri-boo : Then, wht not use up fuel?

Ryusei : What?

Deri-boo : I think it is good idea that we make the automatic system that go on moving until rocket get rid of fuel.

Ryusei : I see.

Reila : Why not return to ground with the fuel?

Ryusei : Oh! Nice!

Deri-boo : We can recycle and practice economy!

Reila : We likely to solve the problem of breakup.

Ryusei : But...

Ryusei : Space debris are borned when rocket cut off satellites, aren't them?

Reila : Oh, right... We have to aid shock, don't us?

Ryusei : Can we cut off satellites without aidding shock?

Deri-boo : I have a good idea!

Reila : Wow!

Deri-boo : Tere is “Shape memory alloy".

Ryusei : What is it?

Deri-boo : It is so wise that it doesn't forget original shape.

Deri-boo : Even if it is bended, it return original shape when it is galvanized.

Ryusei : Wonderful!

Ryusei : Then, if we use it...


Reila : We don't have to shock!

Deri-boo : And, no space debris are made!

Reila : I hope things like this are used in the future!

・Protect from debris !

Reila : Even so,

Reila : space debris have a very strong power.

Ryusei : That is eight times stronger than a pistol,isn't that?

Ryusei : If they hit me, we can't be unhurt!

Reila : Can we protect ourselves by such space debris?

Ryusei : Whipple bumper is being used in ISS.

Deri-boo : Can we do anything else like this?

Ryusei : Because things break by bumping of space debris,

Ryusei : why not break space debris before?

Reila : That is nice idea!

Deri-boo : “Attack is the best form of defense”

Reila : Is there some kind of good method for that?

Ryusei : In fact,

Ryusei : I know a good method.

Reila : Wow! Really?

Ryusei : There is a tank which sense missiles with rader and breaks them before they bump by firing bulletproof board.

Ryusei : Is this useful for space debris measure?

Deri-boo : Quite so.

Reila : But, does this makes more space debris?

Ryusei : So, how about hit soft material to space debris and cause to slowdown?

Ryusei : Space debris may go through it, but it will be covered by soft material, not so dangerous.

Ryusei : Like this.



Ryusei : Slowdown and softness can make space debris power down.

Reila : I see!

Ryusei : And,

Ryusei : It's a syastem used in the tank, vaporizing missiles by electrifying very highly between the double structure barrier.

Reila : What's the difference between ISS's barrier and it?

Ryusei : ISS's barrier is composed of the metal that is easily to be beased, so it can melt space debris by the heat from energy by space debris crashing.

Ryusei : But this vaporizes by high voltage kinetic energy.

Ryusei : Like this!



Reila : Wow!

Deri-boo : It may be applied in the space debris problem.

Ryusei : And, it is used in military, too.

Ryusei : American army hava a “Plasma Sields”

Deri-boo : What is it like?

Ryusei : Like “STUN GRENADE" that has strong power.

Ryusei : It daunt people who come in the plasma wave.

Ryusei : If we make this plasma a very high electromagnetic wave,

Ryusei : we can make space debris vaporized.

Ryusei : Like this.


Ryusei : But, it is difficult on a technical level.

Deri-boo : How frightening...

Ryusei : But, it's great if it is implemented.

Reila : To defend from space debris, it's important to observe space debris, too.

Reila : We observe it, and we can avoid it.

Ryusei : Sure.

Reila : How about shootig the small that have a wide ranfe rader each height,

Reila : and we can observe the small space debris that is defficult to see.

Ryusei : Good!

Deri-boo : There are many ideas!

・In order to reduce the debris

Deri-boo : Next, Let's talk about measures to reduse space debris!

Ryusei ; “Experiment”is very nice plan,isn't it?

Reila ; Yes.

Reila ; But, Let's think other plans!

Deri-boo ; I think the measure we make soft materal bump space debris can be used for decreasing space debris.

Ryusei ; Why?

Deri-boo ; I think space we can make debris fall down by slowdown.

Reila ; Then, I think we can slowdown space debris by jetting gas.

Deri-boo ; In fact, that is used by BOEING.

Deri-boo ; Inert gas is jeted and slowdown space debris.

Deri-boo ; That let space debris of 8km per second can slowdown to 0.2km.

Ryusei ; Wow!

Ryusei ; I hope to see someone make other measures in the future.

Reila ; Surely can do that!

Reila ; Perhaps, we will make in the future.

Deri-boo ; That is very wonderful!


Ryusei :We have talked about many measures,

Ryusei :but every of them needs a big equipment.

Reila : Yes, that's right.

Reila : I think we need toomuch money to blast off an rocket.

Ryusei :That many be the reason why it doesn't come to real.

Deri-boo : If we making “Space elevator”is done all the problem would be solved.

Ryusei : Why is that?

Deri-boo : we was't have to lounch a rocket every time we want to take to space.

Deri-boo : We could save money!

Deri-boo : We can even put the retired sctelits on it and take it back to the earth.

Reila : It will be easy to fix it as well,

Reila : so it may won't break so such times either, won't it?

Ryusei : The close path to act rid of space debris is to make the Space elevator.

Deri-boo : It is said to be completely made in 2050.

Ryusei : I'm looking foward to that!

Reila : If it's made...

Reila : It may enable us to go space in ease!

Deri-boo : That sounds amazing!

Social Measures

Ryusei : I saw Debris Reduction Guidelines, and thougt that...

Ryusei : There are no binding force and penal regulations for countries which emit space debris.

Reila : When I asked Yamazaki...

Reila : She said the number of the country which belong to COPUOS is 76, so it is difficult to make strict rules.

Ryusei : Then, why not organize new system?

Reila : What?

Ryusei : we shoud the system on condition not increasing space debris!

Ryusei : I think that space debris are not increasing, if the law with binding force or to give the punishment is written.

Deribu : However, if strict rules are maked,

Deribu : no countries may join the system in the first place.

Ryusei : Certainly...

Reila : Then, the system everycountry want to join is organized!

Reila : the system make the advantage of joining which is better than that of not joining.

Reila : For example,

Reila : if the country join the system, it is helped for space development projects

Reila : or can exchange the information among the countries.

Ryusei : Yet, I think that the country which do not want to open the information or enough supply expenses for space development projects by oneself may do not join.

Ryusei : For example, U.S or Russia...

Reila : When they say such a thing?

Ryusei : You said such a thing, but...

Deribu : Then, only the countries which join the system think wonderful measures for space debris.

Deribu : If they think it, and are said “Very nice!?” in the world,

Deribu : the countries which do not join envy, and they may join the system.

Reila : It is a psycholinguistic,isn't it?

Ryusei : It is, unexpectendly, best.

Deribu : As other measures,

Deribu : it is nice that we thik the measures for space debris in business.

Reila : That is said in “Researches in Companys", is't it?

Deribu : Oink!! [Yes!!]

Deribu : I think that the countries or companys which join are increasing, if they think “space debris make a profit" .

Ryusei : Then, Why not hold competitions?

Ryusei : In fact, Google hold “LUNAE XPRIZE".

Reila : What is it?

Ryusei ; It is the competition for Lunar unmanned exploration.The team which meets prearranged condition gain a maximum of 2000.0000 dollar.

Deribu ; Wow!!

Reila ; We hold that as space debris version, don't us?

Ryusei ; Yes!!

Ryusei ; The champion can gain a prize,

Ryusei ; and can rise their well-known more than anything else.

Ryusei ; These are very nice advantages!

Deribu ; Well-kown space debris can rise, too!

Reila ; Many countries or companys which can't do space development project because of lack of money may join.

Reila ; Nice idea!

Deribu ; “Education",Yamazaki said, is important, too.

Reila ; Right.

Reila ; The first thing is that everyone know “space debris".

Reila ; It is necessary they feel space familiar.

Deribu ; As we mun't soild our living space,

Deribu ; it is important that the thought we musn't soild space to be natural.

Ryusei ; Because we are “being from outer space" by broad outlook.

Deribu ; Terefor,

Deribu ; we should send information about space debris!

Reila ; Let's lead space debris!


Reila ; Tere are still many problem remaning not only phisically but also socially.

Deri-boo : Anyway, the most important thing is to tell people that there are space debris.

Ryusei ; Yeah.

Ryusei ; They know nothing that, they can't do anything.

Reila ; Japan tackle about space debris problem agressively.

Ryusei ; Japan should tackle it, if no other countries do, because Japan has a world wide good technical power.

Ryusei ; If technical power about space debris be more strong,

Ryusei ; Japan can increase in power around the world.

Reila ; Hey!

Deri-boo : Actually, if Japan has come to have binding force to other countries about space debris problem,

Deri-boo : it's a good step to solve.

Deri-boo : Space debris problem will emerge for certain in the future,

Deri-boo : so we have to solve that.

Deri-boo : Japan can be the necessary country, if we devote ourself to that.

Reila ; That's right Deri-boo!!

Ryusei ; The age of space debris is coming!