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Inflation in Germany

Economy was confused under the influence of war, and a vast ransom was imposed on Germany after inflation World War I. Because it was too big, Germany published a lot of paper money and allotted it for the payment of the indemnification.

Because quantity of the money to circulate in the society increases, the value of the money falls, and the prices rise. However, Germany couldn’t not readily finish the return of the indemnification. In 1923, France stationed in the German Ruhr, and, taking advantage of this region, inflation intensifies still more, and it is with hyperinflation. From about 1915, the lack of a silver coin continued. However, inflation advanced with this case as a start at a stretch, and, including a coin, a silver coin, nickel coin, the copper coins were at shortage, too, and, as a result, the people brought a trouble for everyday life including the change.


However, because the speed that value falls down in the place where the government supplied the money is remarkable and is early, under such an inflation, it isn’t usable immediately, and, as a result, it is with waste trouble. Therefore each local government office substitutes for the Mint Bureau and comes to publish a bill in a small denomination. This is called "Note Gerd".

Publication occurred successively after it in each place when published in Bremen in 1914, and 452 cities, towns and villages, Note Gerd of 5,500 kinds were published during the year. Still the inflation did not stop, and it is said that 3,658 places, notebook Gerd of 36,000 kinds were published from 1916 to 22 years.

More expensive "Gulose Gerd" is published in succession by acceleration of the later further inflation. Because too a large quantity of notebook Gerd was published, I was not able to tell the difference which was genuine, and which was an imitation.

As a matter of course, Note Gerd was not unified in the German whole country. Having been small dimensions and multicolored printing of the relief printing, the color are colorful, and I print all over it, and, as a characteristic to be seen in the whole, there is a thing that there are many styles of printing. In addition, generally the watermarks were not in the paper, and the paper was a share thicker one. Besides, published local characteristic building and economic confusion, something like poster, there were many unique patterns including the thing such as satire comics. By a sudden fall of there being very many kinds and the value by the inflation, many Note Gerd still remained.


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