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Have you ever told "Girls are supposed to......" or "Because you are a boy," from your parents or people around you?
Actually I have."Girls are supposed to do housework." Even there are brothers or persons who have spare time.
"Girls are supposed to ......" I cannot accept that. Girls are not handy-andy.
You might think this is a little thing. But this is one of the gender discrimination.
How do you think?
Now, existence of gender discrimination is not limited in Japan, but also in the world.

Then, why "gender-discrimination" doesn't disappear?

We thought that there are four sides mainly involved in this problem.

First, History.
The way of thinking about women's position changed historical context and continues up to today.
Second, Politics.
Now it is said that numbers of women member of Congress in worldwide.
What kind of ordinances and systems were enacted and how did them influence?
It is really interesting.
Third, Culture.
Customs and values have big differences in each areas.
And last, Religion.
This involves with culture side too, but it can be thought that there are the biggest gap because of teaching and custom.


We took questionnaire how many people are interested in gender discrimination.
We counldn't get so many answer and unexpectedly we found that not many prople are interested it.

I wonderd how my paents think and asked.


Mom, dad, how do you think about gender discrimination?


When I was young, women quited jobs after they got married.

By the way, this newspaper article said about gender discrimination history. Here you go.


OK, thanks. Let's search about Japan history of gender discrimination in more detail.


Do you need it too? It said about gender discrimination in the world.


Thank you dad. In Japan and the world, there are such thing happened.

How do they involve with history?

From this, what can we do?
What should we educate children who will born from now.
We thought we should make conclusion by ourselves and have to find fundamental solution.
It is difficult to solve completely.......
We know it.
But we believe that if many people think about this problem and develop solutions, gender discrimination will disappeared.

I hope you around this site thinking these things by yourself.

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All of the pictures were made by our team members.