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Our Message

From Us to Everyone

This website started from a simple question. We started making this website without any knolage or anything else.
What are space debris? What is the problem of them?What do we have to think about? Thinking about these, we finally completed this website by exchanging our opinions, asking for help to many people.

It can't be only us but more people who viewed this website thought diffent things about this problem.
There must be sonething new becouse we all have different opinions. We are hoping that this website will make the start of your knowlage of this problem.
Thank you for viewing until the last part.


Impression Five of us got together by inviting each other, and participated in ThinkQuest.

We did this even we bumped against many barriors.
It took ages to deside our subject becouse we all had intersts in different things. As a big course, we chose ”space developments” or ”a problem on earth”.
Then, we came up with a simple question ”What happens to the artificial satelites that aren't used anymore?”.

We can't live without the profits of artificial satelites.
So, space debris are bocoming to be a big problem.We desided to choose this as our subject to get rid of them.

Many things prevented us from getting together and talk together, so we tryed to make our understandig deeper.
Through the process of our research and study, we obtained many peoples' help, and many valuable experiences.

We want to thank them. We can't stop thinking that ”we can't know without trying.
There are now a network of roads and the Internet, many possibilities. If many people joins a project and work together, the possibility increaces more and more. We noticed that.

Producer Introduction

Project leader

My name is Takei. I am a leader of this project.

At first, I often relied on the other members and was hiding behind them.

However, after I found it interesting to plan for the site production and make our harts one, became a leader in this group, they are very unique and have their own opinion, so I tried doing works with awarding of good work environment for members.

I had no confidence, but grew up because of my members.

Space debris is a big problem, but it is not common at all.

People in the whole around the world have been reconsidering about nuclear power, since Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster was occurred.

It's not going to happen for Space debris.
Why not?

People don't mind what happen in the space, because it is too far away from us.

It's too late the tragically accident happened like a Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster.

Hope people think about the problems by looking through this web site and will make a buzz. It helps space development going to be well and might solve the problem.

Our challenge has just begun for the great future of human being.


I'm in charge of website design and illustration,

I focused on how visitors feel about our website.

So we had a lot of meetings thinking about the way to inform visitor through our website and decided design.

While having this project I've realized how dangerous space debris are. Also I've learned how design things are deep.

I wanted to deliver information of space debris as much people as I can. So I focused on how guests feel and having fun with this website, because it makes

I put effort on how much fun things website can deliver to visitor for sharing information with as many people as

Website design is really important. It affects what you feel and think through websites. So, we had tons of brainstorming which is thinking about the way between visitor and website.

While having this project I've realized how dangerous space debris are. Also I've learned how design things are deep.

I put effort on how much fun things website can deliver to visitor for sharing information with as many people as possible.

Good design helps people understand things way easier. This project was not easy, but I've got a great experience. I really appreciate it.。

Structure of Articles

I was not good at PC stuff, so I will talk about article things.

I was trying to make sentences, which seems like a novel.

Rhythm would make people understand things easier than academic description.

Especially, the part of our opinion, we through questions with our thoughts, problems and treble, like " We thought this what do you think?".

It was so hard to write articles. On the other hands, I felt happy with this. The moment Struggling with group members and this website are my good memory and made me big confident.

I hope our website would help people to think about space debris.

Thank you for all people that involved in this project and visited our web site!!


Hey, I'm a programing guy Yoshida.

I did all of programing and FLASH stuff.

Which is my first time to coding program, so I was kind of fumbling at the beginning of this project. My group member worked really hard, so I worked hard everyday for them!!

It is pressure to having this big achievement with my mate!
Really great experience thank you !!


Hi, I'm Rouse. I'm in charge of translation( Japanese to English).

I'm not good at working in group, but I decided to join this project, because my friends asked me to do that and it might help them.

I always regret after having this kind of project, but in this case I had a great experience. I learned so many things about space and think about that. I have no regret in this time!

It was not like an English, which I took in class.
I struggled with luck of expertise. I’m good at translating English to Japanese, but not opposite. It was really harsh.

However, I've improved my translation skill a bit I guess.

Also other members of a group worked really hard.

Wish this problem would solve in someday.




かCompletion drawing



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Ms.Yamazaki Naoko(Former astronaut)
Ms.Keiko Watanabe (Ritsumeikan University collision Engineering Laboratory)
Mr.Atsushi Shinozuka (Yokohama National University Shinozuka laboratory)
Mr.John Otto
Mr.Kazuki Kuse

Thank you for your valuable time .

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