After the earthquake we
After the earthquake we

Were we experiencing a major earthquake, then could we regain our original life?
How can we realize reconstruction?
It is the last theme of this site.

Five years since the Great East Japan Earthquake ... What is the current state of Tohoku

A big tsunami struck Tohoku on March 11, 2011.
Now that the five and a half months passed, what has become of the afflicted area?

Some of the victims still being forced to live in temporary housing.
In addition, children who transferred to other prefectures suffer from bullying and new problems are also emerging.
Due to the explosion accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, a large amount of soil polluted by radiation is also accumulated without visiting.

Over half a year since the Kumamoto earthquake ... houses that collapsed now

The situation of the disaster area is still unchanged and the tough situation continues.
On the other hand, although the repair work of Kumamoto castle started, although it is slight,
The road to recovery is progressing.

Let's check the evacuation site

"Google disaster prevention information map" which understands the evacuation location of Tokyo has been posted.
Let's confirm what evacuation places are near your home from everyday.

I also have to look through the disaster prevention map at home in advance.

Yeah. Besides that, it is also important for families to check evacuation sites.

It might be good to actively participate in disaster learning society!

surely! Will you also participate in evacuation drills progressively?

I think it's good.

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