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 Have you written love letters?
 For example, there is Waka(Japanese traditional poetry) like the following.

Tsukubaneno mineyoriotsuru Minanogawa kohizo tsumorite fuchito narinuru
(My heart for you gets deeper and deeper as a trickle of water from Tsukuba Mountain makes a deep river.)

 Like this, Japanese have expressed their heart with love letters since ancient times. One time, they entrusted their love to Waka(Japanese traditional poetry), another time, to passages. Most modern great writers in Japan also send love letters to the person in their thoughts. Writing love letters is the established type of telling love.

 Whatever olden times were, there will be many people who wonder why we chose an analog method as love letters on purpose in this age where the Internet has become widespread. However, we live in the world like this, that’s why we think it important to express our feelings for others as steady characters. Time when we care and consider the person we value, for example letter paper, a pen, words and diction, is one of the things that make our lives full.

 But once you try to write love letters, those who don’t know what is the best way to compose and go wrong will be to no small extent. Then, we created this site to help them. We made real philosophies of love and many books whose contents describe clearly how to write writings(articles, essays, and compositions as well as letters) references because our purpose is not only to express love but also to do that effectively and well. Your partner is able to read the letter with making his/her heart flutter without hindrance, that is “ideal love letters” we define.

 This site is composed of five elements, the merits of love letters, the situation to hand over the letter, the materials to write love letters, and an example of love letters we suggest. They are based on the result of the questionnaire that we sent out.

 Although the state we hypothesize is “a lady who carried a torch for someone tells her heart to the said person”, points arranged in this site are to help you in other states;for example, the couple who have lived together for a long time tell each other their gratitude which is difficult to say in everyday life.

 We sincerely hope that the readers of this site can tell their love to their loved one.

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Sample Site