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With the hosting of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, para-sports has been featured more on TV than ever before. However, it seems that there is still a lack of interest in and recognition of para-sports.

We belong to a table tennis club, and one of us uses a wheelchair and plays wheelchair tennis. So, we became interested in para-sports. Watching parasport games made me realize that there are many kinds of handicapped people (personalities and backgrounds), that there are many people who support them, and that society is made up of many different people.

We believe that through para-sports, we will be able to share our perspective with handicapped people and understand each other better.

Therefore, we created web contents focusing on para-sports.

This site provides reports of our wheelchair tennis experiences, interviews with Paralympic gold medalists and coaches, and the results of a survey of students.

This site will help you to understand para-sports.
We hope that this site will help you to think about the society in which you live with various people.


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Site information

We introduce our thoughts on para-sports and what we have put into this site.
You can find information on how to navigate the site, and a list of members.

Learn the basics of disabilities in Japan and an overview of para-sports.

The section provides interviews with para-sport’s athletes and coaches.

What kind of people support para-sports?

The section provides reports of our wheelchair tennis experiences and the results of a survey of students.

We share our opinions and thoughts as we think about how para-sports can lead to the future.


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