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Terms of service

This page outlines the precautions when you use this website.
We explain about things we want you to note when using, and also about the pictures used in this website.
Please read thoroughly.

About the contents of this website.

・This website deals with “food problems.”
・This website shows the entry of “ 第14回全日本中学高校WebコンテストThinkQuest JAPAN ”.

About the pictures used in this website

・We are allowed to use the pictures and movies for the purpose of education, so please refrain from using the photos, pictures, and movies in this website.
・If you want to use the pictures in this website, you must receive permission from us. Please send us an e-mail for permission. Depending on purpose or method, we will provide permission depending on the purpose.

About the link

・Feel free to link to this website, but please tell us by e-mail.
 →For details, please proceed to "Inquiry". Inquiry .
・Please refrain from linking directly to this website directly.
・Please use this banner when linking.

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