What is a resonance phenomena?

Resonance expresses that if the object which is the gas,liquid,solid which arevibrating  receives the power of the same cycle from the outside,the width of vibration of the one will become large.

Resonating is aiso same principle.

Then,let`s see some example!

The example of resonance phenomena

Sounding a very high sound when talking with the microphone.

While the drier is moving,shaking unusually.

The voice of specific frequency breaks a wineglass.

Pumping one`s legs.

Playing the guitar.(The change of sound volume)

The skyscraper is vibrating slowly in order not to resonate with an earthquake.     



We conducted an experiment which is famous in resonance phenomena.

A click of a picture will start an animation.

This resonance phenomena happens when pitch of one of two tuning forks fits that of the other tuning fork. 

Vibration is transmitted with air.
This moov shows that vibration of one of two tuning forks is transmitted with air so the other tuning fork is vibrating.