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サミットを復習しよう(Let's review a summit!)
Let's review what we talked about at a summit here once.
You guys came out a lot of good opinion!
Then let's review the opinion that appeared at a summit here!

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I only grouped opinions only by having been enumerated because it was incomprehensible.Clik on "Let's group it"!

Then let's gather it up in reference to this.

国のシステムを変えたらどうだろう(How about if I change the system of the country)

A country manages the state of the child by my number…Though it somewhat sounds bad, can it not lose the child who is ill-treated if but I do it this way and a person suffering from invisible poverty?
But information leakage is a problem not to be able to overlook…!But nothing changes when we stop because there is a problem…No, on the contrary, in this situation it continue turning worse? It is a problem of Japan. It is the problem that we of the Japanese citizen should think about!

The manifesto of the political party is seen in a net! Though it was slightly difficult, it is devised and is easy to watch the contents! Though it was slightly difficult, it is devised and is easy to watch the contents!

"The parent" should have a fewer important role called "raising a" human being. However, we can be a parent without learning "What is the parent" "parent should do with the" …Is this not a strange thing?
There is not the back no from the case of the abuse of the child, and even news is reported frequently. It is only the thing that they had without giving the meal which let it uses violence on a baby and die, and is impossible. This the responsibility awareness as the parent in the first place is not because a parent understands nothing?

We gave opinions in us freely. A newer idea was given and swelled!

When everybody talks, I may want you to be careful about everybody.

The brainstorming is one of the methods to produce new ideas. This has what's called four principles.

Do not give a judgment and the conclusion!
It is NG to limit free idea extraction. Let's leave a judgment and the conclusion to the next stage of the brainstorming!
Any opinion is welcomed!
It is often assumed that someone do novel, original suggestion by a laughingstock. But, by the brainstorming, it make much of such a unique suggestion than the idea that anyone seems to hit on!
Quality rather than quantity!
From various angles, let's show many ideas. From a general thing to an original thing, we welcome every suggestion!
You attach an idea, and let's develop it!
It bring about a new idea by attaching separate ideas, and changing a part! Let's take advantage of the opinion of other people positively. 

Everybody talk by brainstorming, too!

We learned most and talked about the issue of poverty of the child so far. Let's finally give a conclusion of the poverty of the child!


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