Inheritance and Vacant House
As mentioned at the beginning of the website, the most common reason for acquiring a vacant house is "succession" and more than half of the vacant houses were originally acquired by inheritance.

出典:国土交通省「平成26年 空家実態調査 集計結果」P.61より引用
In addition, vacant houses that are not effectively used, such as vacant houses that are demolished or unused, are given by parents at a high rate of 62.4% and 65.3%, respectively.
We can see that the rate of given by parents is higher than other vacant houses which are used effectively.

In other words, there is a factor that give by parents houses become vacant, and there is a tendency to become "vacant house" which is not effectively used.
Why is the house which given by parents to become the vacant house and is it hard to be effectively used?

Become a vacant house by inheritance

To begin it is the reason why the given by parents house is likely to be vacant house.
It is Parents and children have separate houses for a nuclear family. When the parents die and incurred given by parents, no one lives house become to vacant house.
Maybe you think "If there is not the use and living person,should sell it!"

But,there are two reasons why they can’t sell.

The first is when you can't sell the given by parents house.
So if no one lives there, it becomes an vacant house. However, due to the brand-new house intention, no one buy it.

Secondly, case of not clear what the deceased wanted to do with the house, especially for reasons peculiar to inheritance.
The person whom have house given by parents doesn't know what the parents who died wanted to do with the house, and don't know what to sell.

If we will leave it unsold after all over time, the value of the house declines and approaches real estate as demerit goods.
Decide quickly whether to sell. The person who lived there house need to tell what he want to do or save it in the ending note.

It is difficult to make effective used.

Next, why are the vacant houses born from succession less effective than other vacant houses?

This is a simple story, if you're thinking about getting a house other than your house, like "as an alternative to storage" or "to go to bed"if it’s far away from home or have poor transportation, so you don't choose a house.

On the other hand, given by parents house, you can't choose which house to use for your own convenience.
In the case of a nuclear family, even if they live in Tokyo, if their parents' home is in Kansai, of course it will be inherited in Kansai.

And it takes hours, it costs money, so even regular management is a big change, and if you can't sell or dispose of it right after given by parents, it's obviously hard to make good use of it.
In fact, the percentage of people who earned more "difficult to manage because they live far away" than they earned in other situations.
国土交通省「平成26年 空家実態調査 集計結果」P.156から作成
Thus, in response to the increase in nuclear families, vacant houses are likely to be created from given by parents. property, and these vacant houses tend to be effectively used.