After it walked the abolished line which became the tourist attraction that we knew the vacant house for the first time.

Let's go to the ruins in this time.
--when we thought so and checked where was the best place.
However, most ruins were closed because of in private land.

Though an owner was in the ruins,we thought that became the ruins because it was not managed definitely
--It was the opportunity when it was interested in the vacant house.

And we checked the problems of the vacant house a little,new circumstances,cause come out again and again when we research.
We didn’t know the whole at all because of written different things in different internet page.
We didn’t know too much. So we decided to make a site about the problem of vacant house.

This problem is connected deeply with society.
For example relations of inheritance,relations of the taxation system and relations of the market.
Different point of view see different connection to this problem.

In other words site of before can watch one or at most two point of view .
We can do the solution to the problem after having understood it to handle deeply.
Therefore we settled the whole on seeing the problem of vacant house from many point of view in one site.
In that way,in this site that we made, we can understand deeply and think a solution to the problem.

"Vacant Houses -Still Unsettled-"
this name is from “the vacant house “where a person doesn’t live in,
it's not over the current situation of empty house measures and we put frank thought of the time
when I have begun to check it that I don’t know very much so problem of vacant house is not clear.
Then everybody watch the problem of vacant house from various point of view, we will go to a solution together.