The Vacant Houses Special Measures Act

About the Vacant Houses Special Measures Act

In 2015, the "The Vacant Houses Special Measures Act" was enforced.
This law is a sign that the government has taken a big step against the increase of vacant houses.
This Act provides that

"vacant houses, etc. that are deemed to be in a state where they are likely to collapse or otherwise pose a significant danger to safety or to be extremely harmful to sanitation if left as they are, in a state where the landscape is significantly damaged due to a lack of proper management, or in any other state where it is inappropriate to leave them for the purpose of preserving the living environment of the surrounding area"

is designated as a specific vacant house, and the owner does not take care of the vacant house, leaving it as it is and causing trouble to others.
Administrative guidance such as advice, guidance, and recommendation by municipalities did not improve the situation, They can do administrative execution.

Eliminate property tax reductions

I've already mentioned that there is a system that the fixed property tax is reduced by 1/6 for residential land of 200 square meters or less due to a special exemption for residential land.
However, if a house is designated as a specific vacant house which is harmful to the surroundings by the Act on Measures Concerning Measures , it will be excluded from the subject of this relief.

This eliminates problem of "property tax system keeps vacant houses away from demolition and leaves them vacant.".

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Administrative guidance, recommendations and orders

For example, If the garbage causes harmful animals in the vacant house, Advice and guidance are given by the government saying, "Please exterminate the harmful animals and dispose of the garbage."

If the owner fails to take appropriate measures and is deemed to have a serious adverse effect on the surrounding area, it will move on to the recommendation, and it will be recommended in writing that the company be excluded from the housing land exception such as the property tax.

If the owner still doesn't deal with it, the government will order the improvement of vacant houses.

Advice, guidance, and recommendations were administrative guidance, but the order was administrative punishment, and if it violated the order, it was based on the Act on Measures against Vacant Houses. You will be fined up to 500,000 yen.

Furthermore, through the execution by the administrative representative, the government takes measures such as the removal of garbage and the demolition of houses on behalf of the owner.

You can now bill the owner for the cost.
so that uncontrolled and damaging vacant houses can be forced to be repaired.

As a result, 13084 measures were implemented in 493 municipalities from the enforcement to October 2018.

This law play a role in solving the problem of vacant houses, which is a nuisance to the people around us.

However , In 48 cases of forced evictions carried out by the government between FY 2015 and FY 2016, only about 10% of the total cost could be recovered from owners or heirs. The difficulty of recovering costs has become a problem.

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