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The cause of food problems

What are the causes of food problems?
All of “the factors influence to the system of production, consumption, and divide of foodstuffs” are the cause of food problems.

Increasing world population, the development of the economy in developing countries, and meat-eating dietary habit are also main reasons.
It’s also one of the reasons that the demand of cereal crops for the builder of Bioethanol and feeding stuff of burn animals.
Gap between the rich and poor, developed countries and developed countries are also the reason.

There are so many reasons for food problems.
So, it gets more and more difficult to think where to touch or how to solve.
And each problems are connecting, so if there is an influence, the influence will affect to all.
Like if the amount of cereal crops increases, the price of cereal crops gets increasing.

Drought, flood, war, civil war, the appreciation of the price of cereal crops, food shortage, hunger...
These all are connected.
Also, there are many problems on back ground of food problems such as population problem, environmental problems, agricultural problems, energy problems, economic problems, the environmental problem of ethnic group of area, income difference, etc.
It’s hard to make an assertion about what is the origin of food problems any more.

HOMELearningLet’s see about “food problems”Food problemsThe cause of food problems
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