Acidity paper problem

Does everyone has he seen the book which becomes fragile, yellow like a picture at the library and the museum?
Well, there is this big cause in paper how to make. China ink tends to soak into paper because not putting the protective coating which stops a spread on Japanese writing paper.
A substance as "rosin (resin)" was used to stop a spread of ink in the paper manufacturing process to the decade front actually, and "filter alum" was used to make that fixed. The filter alum makes paper be acidified, and it's yellow and is the main cause made fragile. Filter alum reacts to the water included in paper, and generate sulfuric acid and make paper rotted from the interior. Paper is becoming fragile firmly by this. So we confirmed that paper becomes fragile using sulfuric acid in pseudo-way and also checked it about the reaction sulfuric acid exerts on paper.

Experiment method

Lab ware: The paper, the wrap, the white robe, the goggles, the gloves, the laboratory dish and the tweezers which have no trays and coats
Necessary medicine: Sulfuric acid

(1) 10ml makes density 0.05mol/L of sulfuric acid, 0.1mol/L, 0.5mol/L and 1.0mol/L liquid respectively.
(2) (1) made liquid and distilled water 10ml are opened in a laboratory dish respectively and the paper which has no painting is put on the liquid.
(3) Fixation time is left.
(4) After that we pick paper with tweezers and rinse it by distilled water. (Because a concentrated sulfuric acid is made when we make them dry just as it is.)
(5) It is confirmed whether it became fragile after dryness.

Additionally when I touch influence to material and strong acidic substance by atmospheric gas as the cause of the paper acidification, there is a case that an acid shifts. Burning of ultraviolet rays (UV burning) is to do, and it becomes yellow paper. An acidity paper problem is settled now because something neutral is used to make rosin fixed present.