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How much thing will the social security budget that we will bear in the future be?

From the present to 2060, the numbers of the child decreased and just explained that the numbers of the elderly person increased last time. It is a social security system that a problem comes out by this.

When the nation is hurt, and life became unstable by a disease, unemployment, the social security is a system to be made up mainly of a country, and to guarantee healthy, reliable life.(the first Advisory Council on Social Security <social security future image Committee report)>(1993 (5, Heisei) years))

However, it is that the social security system comes to a deadlock now.

Please watch a lower graph.With aging progress, the welfare benefit costs increase year by year, and it is anticipated that the budgets of 2010 exceed approximately 110 trillion yen.

 【Changes in social security benefits】
Source: "Trends in social security benefits expenses" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
( quote

Why do welfare benefit costs increase so much?Because aging worsens as for it, and a person lived long by the development of the stomach and intestines technology again, elderly people increase, and this is because social security expenses such as many pensions and medical care, the care are necessary.
Here, let's consider in conjunction with the population problem again.


【Age Segment future population projections】
Source: 2013 edition aging society White Paper (2) "the total population fall below 9,6000 million people" Japan after 50 years to see in the future estimated population (Cabinet Office) ( created by processing the /whitepaper/w-2013/zenbun/s1_1_1_02.html)

According to the upper graph, it is estimated that in this situation the birth rate in Japan continues decreasing steadily until 2060.Though elderly people continue increasing, the children continue decreasing by declining birthrate. Thus, few workers will support many old person.

Source: "About the Social Security tax integral reform", "" to piggyback-type "society" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Social "the shoulders type" that it must support with 1.2 in 2050 to have supported elderly person alone in 9.1 people in 1965 if declining birthrate and aging continue as it is.

 Why it has become in such a situation?

It is because the social security system in Japan is a system on the assumption "that the child continues to grow much" has been designed. This is called "pay-as-you-go system", such as pensions and long-term care insurance has been the management on the basis of this system.
Therefore, in the current situation where declining birthrate and aging population, I pension also long-term care insurance is becoming more and more operational difficulties.

This situation must be improved quickly! There is a limit even to pay in debt.Some debt now, we're going to be left to the future of you guys .... I wonder if there is no any good way ... ..


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