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Do you know the term "Corona Frail"?
 Have you ever heard of the term Corona Frail?
Corona Frail is a term used to describe people who are unable to go out due to the new coronavirus infection, which causes them to become frail.
We were curious as to why more and more people were getting sick during the Corona disaster, so we did some research on Corona Frail.
We have created this website to inform you of the current situation.

I would be happy if many people could visit this website and help us all prevent corona frail and live with a smile on our face‼
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Composition of the page
Home  Here is a summary of how we started making this website, the structure of the pages, and our activities.
What is Frail?  Here is a summary of the causes and other information about Frail.
Symptoms  Here is an introduction to the health effects of Corona Frail.
Current Situation  Here is a description of the current status of Corona Frail using graphs and other visual aids.
Prevention  Here are some ways to prevent Frail divided into diet, exercise, and social participation.
coverage  Here are some of the things we learned from our visit to KANAU.
Quiz  Here is a quiz to help you review what you have learned on this website.
Make sure you check it!
Sitemap  This section is designed to make the structure of this website easier to understand.

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