Logistics Flow 

Logistics do.

1 Delivery and Transportation
2 Storage
3 Cargo Handling
4 Packing and Packaging
5 Distribution Processing
6 Information System
The meaning of the term

1The meaning of delivery and transportation is that delivery is going to a near place and transportation is going to a far place.

2Storage is keeping things where they are.     

3"Loading and unloading" is the process of placing and removing items onto and off trucks, hikikis, etc.

4"Packing and wrapping" is the covering andsecuring of items with protective materials things.

5"Distribution processing" is comprised of wrapping, labeling, and placing items in boxes.

6"Information systems" are a more recent addition, meaning the management of information.

I knew I had shipping/transportation to do, but I was surprised at what else I had to do.
Various Logistics
 There are many different types of logistics.
1 Procurement Logistics
2 Production Logistics
3 Sales Logistics
4 Recycling Logistics
5 Recovery Logistics
Procurement logistics is used when manufacturing things.

1The meaning of procurement logistics is to gather materials for manufacturing.

2Production logistics refers to the physical distribution that occurs in a factory.

3The goal of sales logistics is to anable customers to buy the finished product at various stores.The Handling,storage,and transport of items from manufacturer to customor falls under this category

4Recycling logistics is about utilizing used goods as raw materials in other processes.

5Collection logistics is the gathering and transport of garbage and unwanted items.

When I learned about these things, I was amazed to see the various logistics that support everyone's lives.