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 Challenges and Solutions
Today's logistics industry is facing major challenges, such as labor shortages and redistribution.
This means that the workload per person for delivery is increasing. As it dose, the number of delivery points per person also increases, giving many peopleit the image of a difficult job.
Growing Labor Shortage
The logistics industry is facing a growing shortage of truck drivers and other workers.
Currently, the demand for delivery services is increasing due to the spread popularity of online shopping.
However, despite the increase in the volume of work, the logistics industry is facing a serious shortage of truck drivers. One of this reasons for the shortage is that a driver's job, thanks to pubilc perception, is seen as thought of as a difficult one.
One solution to the manpower shortage is cooperation.
Utilizing the Super Full Trailer SF25, which we are able to physically connect truks of one company to another.
Indoing so, one truck can carry twice as much cargo, which will help solve the manpower shortage of truck drivers.
Furthermore, the reduction in the number of vehicles in operation will also lead to a reduction in CO₂emissions.
In other words, solving the labor shortage requires the cooperation of the entire logistics industry.
The Challenge of Redelivery
There is another issue in the logistics industry: redelivery.
Redeliveries occur because the delivery was made while the customer was not at home, or because the customer was unaware of the deliveryr schedule.
Redeliveries not only increase the burden on drivers, but also increase CO₂ emissions and have a negative impact on the environment.
One solution to redelivery is a service that temporarily holds packages at locations designated by the customer, such as post offices, convenience stores, and delivery lockers.
This service is a great advantage for users because they do not have to wait at home for their packages to be picked up.
It is also beneficial for delivery companies because it reduces re-deliveries. However, this service is not yet popular widespread.
In addition, there is something called an "anchor cast system".
 Anchor Cast System