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Logistics Flow

 Status Quo
Currently, the logistics industry is suffering from a high rate of redeliveries and a shortage of drivers.
One of the reasons for the labor shortage in the logistics industry is the negative image of long working hours and low salaries.
This image has led to a decrease in the number of young people who want to work in the industry.
Furthermore, due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the logistics industry is currently characterized by a lack of young people and a large number of middle-aged and older workers.
As Japan's birthrate declines and the population ages, it will become even more difficult to recruit young people.
Current Status of Drivers ←The Harsh Conditions of Truck Drivers. 
From Now On...
If the labor shortage continues, it will be difficult to conduct business as before. One of the reasons for the 2024 problem is the limitation on overtime hours.
This restriction will make it impossible to increase the number of work hours per person to cover the manpower shortage, and will further reduce the number of work hours, resulting in an even greater shortage of manpower.
Therefore, we need to increase manpower before the overtime limits are implemented.
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Warehouse Management System Implementation
  The logistics industry is increasingly implementing warehouse management systems, such as cloud systems, to manage inventory in warehouses.
Such systems can then streamline warehouse operations such as inventory management, receipt/issue management, and expiration date management.
Furthermore, Logizart ZERO, a warehouse management software package, has been introduced by more than 1,400 logistics companies.
In addition, 360-day support is available. This means that if any problems arise, they can be handled immediately, and the time required to resolve problems is reduced greatly.
These warehouse management systems are used in various logistics sites.
 Warehouse robotization and drone delivery