status quo


To solve the current labor shortage and redelivery issues in the logistics industry, companies should cooperate with other companies to deliver goods and increase the number of locations where packages can be picked up.
And one of the causes of the labor shortage is to improve the image of drivers.

 Our thoughts

・We thought it was important to create this website to consider what problems exist and how they need to be solved from the viewpoints of those who are engaged in logistics and those who use it, like us.

Our impressions

・I am very impressed to know that there are various logistics that support our daily life. 

・I was surprised to know that there are various logistics services that support our daily life. 

・I knew that there are delivery and transportation services, but I was surprised to learn that there are other services as well. 

・I realized that there are various issues in the logistics that we are familiar with, and that there are things we can do to help.  


・Be at home on the day the goods are scheduled to be delivered. 

Use the locker at the place where you receive the goods.

・To specify the time to pick up the goods.

・QR codes and LINE are used to make it easy to request delivery dates and times.


I believe that the current logistics industry is possible thanks to the current drivers and people working in the logistics field who are working hard to deliver products to consumers despite the shortage of manpower. 

The reason why the delivery of goods is so fast is that logistics continues to evolve on a daily basis.
The reason is that logistics has a variety of functions that continue to evolve on a daily basis.
The secret to the speedy delivery of goods today is that the logistics industry has stabilized itself by taking measures and establishing new systems to deal with major issues such as labor shortages and re-delivery of goods.

However, there are various solutions to the logistics challenge, but they are by no means easy.
Therefore, I hope that each of you will be aware of the difficulty of this challenge and consider solutions.