Reason 3 plantation farming and economic globalization

Plantation farming can sometimes affect food self-sufficiency.
Let's think about Ghana in Africa to instance a case of this.

Ghana is the country which has high economic power among African countries.
Traditionally speaking, they used to be able to provide for themselves, but they can’t currently.
The reason is in the history.

Ghana was a colony of UK from the end of 19 century to the middle of 20 century.
At that time, many big faming lands called “plantation” had been reclaimed in order to grow cacao for Europe.
As a result, Ghanaian economy had changed to grow only crops for exporting.

And after being independent from UK in 1957, they continue to grow cacao for exporting in order to get income from oversea.
At one time, cacao made in Ghana occupied 50% of cacao in the world.

But in consequence of globalization, price battle had happened, the occupation went down to one fourth alongside of that in 1980s.
Ghana couldn’t slip out from “monoculture economy” after their independent, and couldn’t provide for themselves foodstuffs because their agriculture didn’t become diverse.

The lives of farmers are influenced by world trends.
In short, failing cacao export for Ghana is related to food self-sufficiency a lot.

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