The import of tuna

About 1.871 million ton of tuna is currently hauled in a catch in the world.
About 216,000 ton of that are caught by Japan, and 257,000 ton of that are exported by Japan.
So, one fourth of the world tuna is consumed by Japan.

So Japan is called “the largest consumer of tuna”

But in exporting countries, in order to export tuna to Japan, the price of milk fish eaten by people in South-eastern Asia increased rapidly.

Tuna is said to be high-quality fish by local people, but in Japan, tuna is eaten by not only people but also pets.

Tuna in Japan used to be home grown.
But since 1980s, the provide of imported tuna has been increasing.

And if we don’t decrease the amount of fishing of tuna, tuna is currently said to distinct within 20 years.

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