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1.The current state of Japan
-The poor rate of Japan
-Cause of the poverty of the child
- The chain of child poverty
-Measures to improvement
-Parking area A
2.Let's watch the world
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And Reflection of the tour so far, let's prepare for the next tour.

I was shocked that the starvation was happening now in Japan

Nante poverty of the chain is likely to lead to such crimes, but it did not even think.

Cause of the suicide of children for economic reasons Nante, it's too sad ...

Why government'm not the measures, and it but I thought, status quo is about not actually be ... still resolve Do not I've been taking a variety of measures whether serious ...
-The next tour?-
The current state of Japan →Let's watch the world
In "Let's watch the world", it will direct the eye to the poverty of the world jumping out of Japan. Spread the field of view in knowing the foreign current situation and measures, we will more objectively captures the appearance of Japan.

-Point of interest-

In the country of the abject poverty Do you know the word "absolute poverty"? We will introduce the poverty issues that are going on in the world!
Required education 1 person can not read or write in about six of the world's adults. Let's take a look at the educational situation of the world.
Support from the world Japan, and foreign countries we are assistance to countries suffering from poverty. And its contents, consider the relationship between the developed and developing countries.



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