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What kind of effect do the poverty of the child have? We explain a chain of the poverty here.

It is that poverty is inherited more than a generation from a parent to a child. It says in particular a state that a child brought up in a welfare household becomes an adult and is on welfare again. According to the investigation of 2006, the incidence is considered to be approximately 25%. One of four people of a child brought up in a welfare household receive welfare again.

The economic difficulty of the parent has a varying influence becoming disadvantageous for a child in educational background and the job opportunity of the child. Even if the disadvantage becomes an adult, I continue influencing it and am immobilized and produce the problem called the chain of poverty succeeded by the next generation.

Influence on chain of the situation and the poverty of the poor household…We think about a linked course of the poverty.

①Health---food, clothing and shelter is not satisfied

There are many things that are disadvantageous to even a body side without taking the necessary nourishment at the time in the period of rapid growth of the child because the basic life such as food, clothing and shelter is not even possible.

There is the case writing down consultation in for a reason "not to be able to pay money of self-pay of medical expenses" while thinking that a parent should take a child to the hospital with a parent.

②Scholastic ability---The economic conditions of the protector influence the scholastic ability of the child
There are many students giving up a student and university entrance into a school of higher grade to quit a high school and is without not being able to go even if they want to go to the private supplementary school for an economic reason and being put in the disadvantageous situation on a learning side, and the body being accompanied by scholastic ability even if they go to school. It is easy to become neat, and it may be said that it is related to even attendance at school to be put a disadvantageous viewpoint afterwards.

Is high to household yearly income and a college-going rate; is correlative, and there is a little less than 2 times difference in the college-going rate by a standard of the household yearly income.

A chain to have a low → job opportunity having low → educational background to grow up in a needy family is born.

③Environmental---It influence the bringing-up tenderly of a rich heart

The disadvantageous situation often includes even the living environment of the child. Among the new inmates in the reform school, the poor is 27.4% when we look about delinquency (2004). And the probability that the boy is from a poor household seems to be high so that the degree of the crime is heavy.

It is connected with each other between the poverty about the child abuse. It is near half when we analyze the domestic situation in 501 cases protected as child abuse in the investigation of 2002 when welfare household 19.4%, inhabitants' tax tax exemption, an income tax tax exemption household put it together in 26%.
In addition, a mother and child household becomes high in 30.5% and the ratio of one pro-household.
There are many parents who are not interested in a child from the pressure, and the poverty is the expectation to a child and the one which it is loved, and make a difference in one.
The cause of the chain is not interrupted, it will mainly include the following.

1.The chain of the poverty often happens in a one pro-family.
2.Poverty and the relations of the abuse are strong.
3.The chain leads to a crime and a dependency.

   Opinion of RIKA
To stop the abuse and crime that poverty occurs in the cause, such as making the parents and children can consult other party, I think it should be thorough mental care! For example, if you place the patrol and dedicated counselors to each household, how not you abuse prevention and children's issues in the home can be early detection?


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