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How is the fermentation food good for our health?

Natto has intestines, improved blood flow, antioxidant effect, and so on.
And, to take with calcium is effective in prevention of osteoporosis.
Miso controls absorption of cholesterol and has effect of anti aging.
In recently years, anticancer activity is expected effect on health.
Soy sauce
Soy sauce affect suppression of blood pressure and glucose level.
In addition, including many solt content, it affect antioxidant effect.
Pickles is known to work well fatigue and have intestines.
And, having anticancer activity, it gathers attention.
Yogurt has regulation of intestines, prevention osteoporosis, to control absorption of cholesterol, and anticancer effect.
Cheese affect not only prevention osteoporosis but to protect skin and mucosa.
And, it is effective in burning fat.
Vinegar has effect to decompose material fatigue, make be smooth blood flow, and be well absorption of calcium and so on.
Wine prevents from getting cancer, arteriosclerosis, and food poisoning.
Beer has regulation of intestines and prevents of shoulder due to menopause.