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Current Status of Drivers 

The working environment for drivers in charge of delivering goods is currently a problem for many logistics companies.

Recently, the "how much per piece" price originally used to encumber products has been replaced by a "how much per day" price due to a change in the delivery method. 

New Challenges

Then a new problem arose. 

The new delivery method doubled the number of deliveries, but the income did not increase.
In addition, the increased workload means that there is no time for bathroom breaks.
In addition, due to the shortage of labor, which is considered a major problem in the logistics industry, drivers are forced to make deliveries even if they have a high fever.
However, I am concerned that if this situation continues, drivers may cause accidents.

Furthermore, there is also the problem that the apps that direct deliveries indicate irrational delivery routes.


Now with the proliferation of online shopping, we have more than doubled the number of items we deliver. However, we have reached a situation where income has not increased just because of the increase in work.
I believe this is also due to the "labor shortage," which is one of the challenges facing the logistics industry.