What is the Anchor Cast System 

An anchor cast is a driver who is responsible for afternoon deliveries.
Since the role of this anchor cast is primarily in the afternoon, it is a sort of takeover of the sales driver who takes on the morning role.
The anchor cast is then introduced as a system, which is called the anchor cast system.

  From Now On... 

In recent years, the demand for nighttime deliveries has increased, partly due to the influence of the growing demand for mail-order services.

Sales drivers, who mainly make deliveries in the morning, load and operate in the afternoon.
However, due in part to re-delivery, the volume of deliveries after the afternoon has increased significantly.
And if a request for redelivery comes in during loading, it cannot be delivered immediately.
This causes deliveries to be delayed into the evening, which increases working hours.


By introducing the anchor cast system, sales drivers can concentrate on their primary duties, i.e., loading and sales.
This, in turn, will lead to an improvement in sales capabilities.


The role of the anchor cast system will continue to be important to improve the working environment and provide quality services.