Do you know that the problem of food loss is becoming more and more serious?

Piles of vegetables that cannot be shipped due to the new coronavirus, sad-looking farmers, lots of surplus milk in supermarkets and signs asking people to buy another bottle...

I'm sure many of you saw these scenery during the stay home period, spring of 2020.

Food that can't be shipped or is left unsold and can't be eaten is often thrown away afterwards, and is called "food waste" instead of "food".

Vegetables occupy a large portion of the food waste.

Vegetables have been carefully grown to be eaten by people.

Don't you think it would be a waste if they were thrown away just because there is a surplus or because they are no longer needed, and then burned to ashes?

To solve the food loss, let's utilies "Power of Plant" which natural plants and vegetables have. Let's think together about reuse of food which was supposed to be thrown away.

This site is based on the idea that "I want to revive them by using them for other purpose!" and "I want to have fun!"

We hope that you will think, "This reuse method looks fun." and "What a great potential of Power of Plants!"

Now, let's take a look at the site.