Inkjet printer

I compared it with the offset printing, as for the inkjet printer, structure is simple.
Furthermore, the print to any place other than the paper which is flat because it is a method to put direct ink on the medium making prints is possible.
However, this is not suitable for printing the same thing in large quantities.
The structure is distributed between continue ass type and the on-demand model mainly.
continueass type pushing ink by a pump continuously, and having made it a minute drop by a supersonic wave oscillator, print picks up ink on the necessary place by adding an electric charge to a drop.
The ink which was not used for print is collected and returns to a tank and is pushed again.
Because pushing out also performs high pressure of ink by a pump continually,It can use ink with the high viscosity or the fast-dry ink.
This is available for high-speed printing, but because downsizing is difficult, the use as the household use is difficult and is used as industrial business.
The on-demand model is a method putting the ink of the share necessary for the place needing printing on.
In an on-demand model, I am divided into a piezomethod, a thermal method what kind of method how pressure it by.
By the piezomethod,it push ink using piezoelectric element to transform because an electric current flows.
Because It can regulate quantity of the ink by the voltage by this method closely, and a temperature does not occur, the durability of the head is high, and there is which weak advantage that is available in ink for heating.
On the other hand, you must attach piezoelectric element to all heads, and there is a fault such as some size being found to an element to push ink.
Thermal method push ink by adding heat to the jurisdiction part of the ink, and producing air bubbles.
There is a fault such as not being able to perform adjustment of the quantity of the minute ink which cannot use weak ink for heat while there is an advantage such as speed of the print being fast because the structure of the head is simple by this method.
It deal with this fault by preparing for a loss of plural size to a head.
However, because there are many holes which ink leaves, it is easy to wake up the blocking of the hole, and the life of the head is cheap briefly, and, in the case of most, the user needs to exchange a head.