what's printing

The stream of printing is like this;
Layout, edition ~making an original text ~making print ~bookbinding, making burnish ~at last it become the form of add, poster, and so on.
Print has three processes;
Pre-press, press, and post press.
The printing industry is made up by many corporations include specializing ones.
(from General Corporate Association Japan Federation of Printing industries HP)

<The main technology of printing>

(from 印刷にちょっと触れてみよう!印刷の基礎知識)

1. Intaglio printing The parts which print characters are concave, and the ink is put in it.
(It costs expensive, so this printing technology is used for printing something important.)

2. Anastatic printing
The parts which the ink is put are embossed.
For clearness printing. Seeing from the back, the part of the ink looks embossed.
(In the old days, this technology was used for making magazines.)

3. Planographic printing
The parts which become characters and which don’t are in the same plate.
The ink is put on it using the strength of water and oil.
The plate has hydrophobic part and hydrophilic part.
The hydrophobic part holds the ink and prints.
(This technology can print fast and a lot of prints. These days most Japanese publications are made by this way.)

4. Screen printing
The plate is made of the part which let through the ink and doesn’t.
The part which let through the ink makes characters.
(For curved surface printing, so large printing)
These four technology of printing are differ from the way of the ink jet printing.
It is more complexed.

<How about BLANK?>
If we make any prints using Windows Microsoft Word, The size of BLANK is same though the size of paper is different.
(top;35.01mm bottom,sides;30.00mm) This is the normal BLANK

It corresponds 266.697 ㎠, and 266.697 ㎠×2.3=one piece of paper(A4)

13,000 pieces of paper correspond one tree.
So, without thinking about recycled paper,the BLANK of 30,333 pieces of paper which are filled with characters can correspond one tree!!

Our school has 1,474 people.
If everyone are given two pieces of A4 paper a day and throw away the BLANK,
About 2,948 pieces of paper are threw away, it corresponds 9% of one tree.
So it takes only 11 days to throw away the paper correspond one tree…