Letterpress printing

Printing type print
I am intended to print a letter when I perform type printing with the printing type.
There are many woodenness, metal things mainly,
When it is made of wood, I engrave it, and it is produced by casting when metal.
The casting printing type is superior to sculpture printing type with an aspect to produce the same things in large quantities.
The printing type was invented in China, The kanji was a letter body suitable for printing type print least from a point with enormous kinds.
The oldest printing type that a record exists is the glia mud (it is like that and is) printing type which a record remains for "dream valley conversation by writing" .
It is the ceramic which this puts a sculpture for viscous soil not a tree and burnt.
The tree printing type is produced in the 1300s, too, and this spreads to Europe.
In addition, printing type made of bronze is put to practical use with Korai (Korea) in about 1234.
The type printing technology in modern times by John Gutenberg It was completed in Mainz of Germany in about 1445.

It concludes
1. Materials with the lead alloy that casting is easy
2. The casting technology that also has high productivity exactly
3. Ink for the congenial print with the metal
4. The flat pressure press which is available for printing by the constant pressure
these developments.

This technique spread through Europe in an instant, and the printing business accomplished development.
Because Gutenberg served for the reproduction of the manuscript carried out by hand of the person conventionally, The printing type which he made was style of handwriting for the manuscripts to be called Gothics.
Style of handwriting suitable for print came to be brought about afterwards by plural people.
The thing published then is a manuscript of the Bible called the Gutenberg Bible, Because it is made prints by parchment and paper, and most pages are comprised of 42 steps It is called 42 Bible.
The style used for this manuscript from there is called B42(Bible 42).
Yes society brings in the press of the Gutenberg system in Japan in the 16th century, they printed a book to use for education and propagation.
This was called a Christian version, and Japanese was printed with printing type for the first time.
Printing type print in itself is performed for a long time, "A one million small three-storied pagodas mystic Buddhist formula" that was published for 764 years of a certain various opinions thing.
There are the produced oldest book and the opinion to do by cast metal letterpress printing.
Tree printing type print becomes popular in the Edo era and is gradually called plate-making print The thing which carved a sentence to one piece of board, and was crowded, and made a version became popular.
The Meiji era begins, and printing type culture flows in afterwards from the foreign country and, Shozo Kimoto maintains kana letters printing type,he conquered a printing type market as Tsukiji printing factory.