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reading method page table of contents

for Novice readers

1.creating a environment

At first,please have a look at this sentence.

"I don't have a rule at reading book. That's not interesting. I read a book at any time. As if I ate a sweets,when I am tired,when I have a free time,-I read books.([1], p42)

The author of this book said "read at any time".

Actually it is a high hurdle for beginner.
Becouse there is no such a habits in the first place.

How do we develop this habit?

There are two easy ways.

First, carry books


Second, put a book near yourself


Let's try these two.

It is important to make an environment that we can pick books up any time.

You don't need to complete one book. You can read many books in paralled. And you can read books at any spare time if you have them. That will be a change of pace.

2.A sense of accomplishment is important

There are recommend book.

It is "short short". "short short" is very very short books. I recommend for people who have no time or person who hasn't familiar with books.

"Shortshort" has very short stories but has foreshadowings. We can be surprised at final result. Also, you can finish these kind of books at about 20 minutes. If you can read a book in a short time, you can feel fulfilment and you will wish for the next spontaneously.。

Original shortshort four-frame cartoon

Title "Robot"





According to "The power of reading", Even cartoon comics can be crosslinks to books.

But personally speaking, Comics which consists of almost all echo-words don't have enough effects, because there are few chances to encounter new words.

Throughout a year, child who read comics per a month encounters as same words as fourth or five grade students encounter from a book.

The elementary school upper grades students and junior high school students need to learn to expand their vocabularies from books, we should not to think lightly of comics. ([2],p.76)

3.Guide using our fingers


I'm not good at reading book written by English. So I always come to unknown how far the book is read. I think circuit of the brain for connecting the word and its' mean hasn't developed yet.

In such a case, "Guide by a finger" is recommended. Not only for children, even for adults, it is very effective.

It will be easy to keep eyes to texts when you use finger guide. Using this effect, if we accelerate our finger's movement you become able to read books faster. ([3], p.124)
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read 300 books in a month?-How professionals read many books

In here, I introduce "Input".

1.Speed reading

There are three types in 'Reading'.-"careful reading", "Speed reading", "Super speed reading"[4]。
Literally, careful reading is reading every other line carefully, drawing a line sometimes. It takes a minute to read one page.

To explain '(Super speed) Speed reading', I will quote from the Japanese book 『僕らが毎日やっている最強の読み方』 written by Japanese famous journalist Ikegami Akira and Sato Suguru.

Super speed reading

"Super speed reading" is how to read in one book in about 5 minutes.
At first read 'introduction' and 'Contents', then turn the pages one by one, only checking titles and keywords. At last read a conclusion of the book. Through these process, you can catch points of the book and understand the book is need for you or not. ([4], p239,240)

So,it is almost trial reading. In this reading mothod all you have to judge is useful for you or not.This is very beneficial for collecting information for a thesis or article, etc.

Speed reading

In this method, you read a book in 30 minutes. Read texts as fast you can (target speed: one page par 15 seconds). Same as Super speed reading, read Introduction, Contents and Conclusion at first. In this process, you must check an important page then read the page in 15 seconds(if possible).

([4], p240)

You shouldn't understand all the contents of the book. Catch a point.

In general, we don't know the book's value; nevertheless a person who is not good at reading or writing a paper spend too much time reading one book. Finally the person apts to waste time and don't understand the entire target theme, then do appropriation copying and pasting others sentence through internet.

In relation to speed reading, according to "東大家庭教師が教える頭が良くなる読書法", there are 2 points

point 1: Read a part related to own questions
point 2: Read author's auguing points

point 1

First, after deciding what do we want to know, then we have only to read the answer part. ([4], p.99-100)

point 2

Reader's arguing points are in the last of chapter in most other cases, we read these main points of author's several times. You can get the gists quickly. ([4], p100)

Through these ways, we come to have our eyes attracted towards information which are high quality.

2.How to save the information

Next we introduce the way how to store the information. If we nicely store the information, we can get the most out of the information when we write something. Or when we arranged the information, at the process, our knowledge in the brain is also arranged. It can be useful in the practical face-to-face communication.

point 1: Leave a note
The author of "役に立たない読書(:The useless reading)" Hayashi Nozomu seem to leave notes when he discover good sentences.


"Write in the book" is the same as record. Such a record is data to observe myself. For example when you read the book again, if you see what you write in the book, you will notice your thinkings and feelings. ([1], p113)

Which can enhance the fixture of knowledge.

point 2: scrap books and make your own book
Students often use reference books or workbooks. It is effective to scrap these books and edit them again for studying.
※You must not do that at a borrowed book. It is a crime.


Like writing notes in the book, folding down the corner of the page, tearing the book thus when you customize books, the book is original one and will be adapted to you.

Further, I think paper books become more familiar to than E-books because you can make your original one and you can emphasised important information for you with perfect freedom.


point 1: read only spine of book
If you made a story from a book title(a spine of a book), you feel as if you were a creator. This method stimulate an incentive to creation. If you were a write or creator, this may be a training for create or you may generate ideas.


challenge Newspaper
Newspaper is best tools for knowing the world. The professional newspaper readers like journalist read many newspapers everyday.

In principle, I don't read articles that I'm wouder if I should read.

Becouse they have a lot of letters in the newspaper(In Japan, there are approximately 200 thousands letters: equal to one teenager book).[4]

The important thing is to decide how many steps(as below) you should read and to decide how much time you use about.

step 1: Headline
step 2: Lead(this is often same as headline; sentences between headline and the body)
step 3: The body


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take a rest!! (To a person who is used to read)

Have you ever read a book for hours?
Sure I have read without having a meal. But if you read a book long time, you'll be tired and your eyes become tired too. In this condition, what the book said may not stay in your head, then you need to come back and read same part again and again.

When you are tired of reading, if you want to know the sequel, you should take a rest and relax your mental and physical conditions.

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Reading method to high

So far, we introduce some reading methods, but the best reading method is enjoying the book. The person who likes book read books one after another.

Enjoying the favorite book (free reading) is said to be the most powerful way in language acquisition. see in detail literacy in reading page

Enjoying a book freely leads to acquisition of language.

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Spinoff: What do high school students read a book for?

The following are result of our school's questionnaire (about 300 portions).

Reasons for reading books
Like from the beginning11%
For entertainment43%
To get some abilities15%
Being forced23%
for some reason or other8%

The most popular answer is "As entertainment".
Second most is "Being forced".

As mentioned above, the student reading book in private is less than half. Students who have no habit of reading think 'ASA-DOKU'(morning reading time before the class) compulsion. I don't know the forced reading is good for students or not, but I think it better than doing nothing. More or less, it produces good results of reading. (→ reading page ) And it will become an opportunity of students' coming to read books.

The details of 'to get some abilities' are

To train reading comprehension
For studying Kanji(Chinese character)
To develop own language

We wish these people came to like reading books itself.

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