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What is vinegar?

Flavoring with 3 ~ 5 % acetic acid is said vinegar. Vinegar written by English is "Vinegar". It means "sour wine". As it said, Vinegar spring up acetic acid done alcohol fermentation by acetobacter.

Vinegar is dud of liquor drink?

There are much acetobacter in air and it change alcoholic drink for vinegar immediately, as they like wine. The alcoholic drink which change for vinegar is called "Kuoutyuu" in China , "Karasake" in Japanese and "Vinegar" in Europe and America.

A manufacturing process of vinegar

The first, steamed rice made into unrefined sake. To the next, it was add to yeast funguses and change into liquor drink. The liquor drink is mixed with seed vinegar and heated. Moreover, they are planted acetic acid bacteria. And so Vinegar is completed. But this vinegar is too strong smells to use. So let it mature for 1 ~ 2 month.

Retain your youth with vinegar

There are a lot of people who can lives a long life in Vermont in USA. Why such the matter is happened and Researcher examined it. The research proved to drink "Vermont vinegar", which is made from apple vinegar and honey, very much in Vermont and whether they can live a long life or not is decided by them.

Vinegar and Health

People who get exercise often say that there collect lactic acid in muscles. It is reaction in human as same as lactic acid fermentation and lactic acid collect in the body. So we feel we are very tired. But vinegar can reduce lactic acid. Moreover vinegar can lower cholesterol and promote resolution of fat.

Difference between rice vinegar and black vinegar

There are material and process in difference between rice vinegar and black vinegar. We use brown rice as material for black vinegar to rice vinegar which made from Polished rice used. Moreover black vinegar process is different from rice vinegar process.