Modern society is evolving day by day, with the development of science and technology making life much more convenient. In this context, "modern diseases" are very serious problems that always accompany us.

 Among these, "psychosis" is a condition that can affect anyone. This is because the symptons that cause it abound in our daily lives. Nonetheless, it is difficult to recognize it by oneself, and many people do not have a correct understanding of it. Recently, new symptoms have been raised due to over-regulation by anti-coronary measures.

 Stress is a major cause of mental diseases. We feel and fight stress from various factors in our society.

 We want as many people as possible to know the detailed types of mental illnesses, from their symptoms to the current state of stress that causes them, as well as countermeasures and treatments. This will help more people to lead happy and safe lives. We have researched these issues from a wide range of perspectives and created this website.

 The title "stress pitfall" refers to something that stress is difficult to see and understand, but is close at hand and must be guarded against.

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Usually junior high school students.We are sending daily to protect everyone on the earth from stress.(Click image! you can view members' introduction)


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Activity Logs

  •  2023.2.18. 

  •  We attended Final Presentation,and got a gold prize and audience prize for junior high.
  • 2023.1.9.
  •  Work has been completed and uploaded to the contest server..
  • 2023.1.4.
  •  Visited Sleep Rest Clinic Makuhari.
  • 2022.12.30.
  •  Video called with the director of Yawata Mental Clinic.
  • 2022.12.27.
  •  Video called with the director of Sleep Rest Clinic Makuhari.
  • 2022.12.22.
  •  Discussed future roles and actions.
  • 2022.12.20.
  •  Selected as a semi-finalist.
  • 2022.11.20.
  •  We submitted our site.
  • 2022.10.29.
  •  We conducted a survey at a SIT Junior High School.
  • 2022.10.22.
  •  We were chosen to represent my school.
  • 2022.6.4.
  •  We made this team.

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