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This section contains brief explanations of terms that appear in the text.


Content is the content of information that is displayed through a medium such as a web page.

Most copyrighted material is included in this category.

Copyright is the right to protect a work of authorship.

Copyrighted works include languages, music, novels, paintings, movies, photographs, graphics, and computer programs.

Copyright is automatically generated when a work is created. Therefore, no formalities are required to obtain the rights.

dark mode

Usually, web pages use white space for whitespace.

This can be seen in famous search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc.) and social networking sites (Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Dark mode is a feature that changes the white areas to black.

This can reduce the luminous intensity of the screen and reduce power consumption.

design rights

The purpose of the design system is to encourage the creation of designs and to contribute to the development of industry by making newly created designs the property of their creators and providing rules for their protection and use.

A "design" subject to protection under the Design Law is any shape, pattern or color of an article, or any combination thereof, which evokes a sense of beauty through the sense of sight and includes the design of "parts" of an article.

(Quoted from the JPO website)


A device is a generic term for the PC or smartphone itself and all its parts.

There are two types of devices: information terminal devices, which refer to PCs and home appliances that can be operated from the outside, and peripheral devices, which refer to USB memory devices and keyboards.


It is the reporting of the results obtained from performing a certain task to the one that is being managed.

For example, when you are using a PC and an error occurs.

When such a thing happens, there is usually a page to "report the problem" to the company that manufactures the PC.

The act of reporting the problem is called "feedback".

floppy disk

Floppy disks are a type of storage medium that was most used around the year 2000.

They were commonly used before the development of DVDs and hard disk drives.

It is now known as the storage icon for each software.


A font is a "character design".

The two most famous Japanese fonts are "Mincho" and "Gothic".

Each has its own characteristics, and the impression that users get from them varies greatly.


It refers to a text box-like mechanism in a web page that users can use to type information.

This allows developers to provide better services.

Gallery view

Gallery view is the ability to display several pieces of information on the screen at the same time in the same size.

It is often seen in online communication applications and on mail order websites.

intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights system is a system for protecting the property of the creator of something created through intellectual creative activities.

(Quoted from the JPO website)

Patent rights are included in this system.

List View

The list view is a function that displays a list of information that has something in common.

Since similar information is displayed together, you can easily find the information you want.


Simply put, it is the loading of information.

When viewing a web page or playing a game, you may notice that the screen pauses a bit before moving to a new screen.

That's loading, loading and processing the information for the next action.


OS stands for "Operating System" and is the most basic system for managing and controlling a computer.

It gives instructions for other software to run and acts as a link between the user and the hardware.

The most popular operating systems are Apple's "macOS" and Microsoft's "Windows".

patents rights

“An invention” is a creation of a technical idea, which is protected by rights.

The right to monopolize the implementation (production, use, sale, etc.) of the invention subject to the right, and to demand an injunction or compensation for damages from infringers.

(Quoted from the JPO website)


PowerPoint is a presentation software developed and provided by Microsoft Corporation. It allows you to create documents and display them in a slide format.


Slides, as they are known in 'slide shows', are a series of multiple images displayed in succession.

They are often used as presentation material.

smart speaker

A smart speaker is a speaker with the ability to carry out information input by voice, powered by AI.

It can play music, read out information you want to know, and much more.