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Design thinking

Five processes for problem solving

Design Thinking is a thought process that creators utilize to solve unprecedented problems.

There are five stages of design thinking.

① Empathy: Analyze from the user's perspective. However, it is important not to take the user's opinion too seriously.

② Definition: Define the issue as what the user wants and think of a direction to solve it.

③ Ideation: After defining the problem, come up with multiple ideas for concrete methods.

④ Prototype: Create a simple prototype based on the ideas.

⑤ Testing: Conduct user testing of the prototype and identify new areas for improvement.

In other words, the idea is to think from the user's perspective, create solutions, and solve problems through repeated trial and error. This concept is also common to the UI-focused webpage creation that we focused on this time.

In fact, we took a questionnaire and discussed our impressions of other members' pages when we first saw them in order to pursue a web page that was easy to read.