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Icons that have a large visual impact


Icons make it easier for users to visualize what they are doing and make it much easier to use. In other words, it is a very important part of UI design. On the other hand, they can easily influence the user, so it is important to use them carefully to avoid misleading them.

For example, the floppy disk icon on the left represents "save", which is commonly understood by many people. Therefore, if the floppy disk icon is given a role other than "save," users will be confused.

Also, the heart icon and the star icon are generally perceived as "like" and "favorite" by users. If these two icons with similar meanings are used together in the same service, users will also be confused.

Icons also affect the overall impression of a service, so it is advisable to keep the icons similar in design. As shown in the figure, a mixture of line icons and solidly painted icons will give a cluttered impression.