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Parts that make use of space


A modal is a window that appears over the main content, and the main content cannot be operated without operating the modal. Therefore, modals are used to indicate special conditions such as warnings or important messages that require users to pause their work. It can also be used as a loading screen to indicate that it is loading.


Accordion is a tool that allows you to display details or supplementary content by pressing the right triangle button. By using accordions, you can display the information only to the users who want to see it, thus keeping the overall In particular, it can be used to display information for smartphones. This is especially effective when displaying information for smartphones, since the screen size is smaller and the amount of information that can be displayed is smaller than for PCs.



A carousel is a method of displaying content in the form of slides, and is often used, especially on corporate websites. It has the advantage of effectively promoting products and services, but the more slides there are, the more the user's interest will fade and they may not be able to see all the slides.

Also, if you have a setting that automatically switches to the next slide after a certain number of seconds, it may cause the user to feel uncomfortable if the next slide is switched while the user is still watching. This may cause discomfort to the user.

For these reasons, more and more sites are now not using carousels.