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Color effect

What kind of impression do you have of the color red? Hot, strong, vivid, vibrant.... I think there are few people who have the impression that red is cold and calm.

As you can see, color is one of the elements of UI that greatly affects the reader's impression. In particular, color is one of the key factors that interests viewers. Therefore, it is important to understand and use color brightness and effects as well as color issues.

Chromatic color and non-chromatic color

As the name implies, chromatic colors are colors that have a particular color.Achromatic colors have no color.

The more colorful it is, the easier it is to impress the reader.


High and low brightness

High brightness is a color that is bright and has a lot of white. Low lightness has a dark color, almost black.

Pastel colors are a typical example.


High saturation and low saturation

High saturation is bright and clear colors. Low saturation has faded colors.


Warm and cool colors

Warm colors are reddish colors, and cold colors are bluedish colors. Warm colors give a strong and active impression, and cool colors give a dark and calm impression.