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Suddenly, have you ever heard of the term "UI"?

In recent years, UI has become more and more important, so you may have heard of it.

UI is an abbreviation for User Interface, and it has a great impact on the usability of smartphones and computers that we use without thinking.

That's why we created this site, hoping to raise awareness about UI, which we are not usually aware of.

So let's take a look!

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This is the main activity information for the creation of this site.

2022/3/15Web pages renewed
2022/2/22Received the Platinum Award
2022/2/11Presentation video shooting
2022/1/31Selected as a finalist
2022/1/10Web page updated
2021/12/17Selected as a semifinalist
2021/11/19Web page released
2021/11/13Design compendium completed
2021/10/25Conduct questionnaire
2021/7/16Entry to Web Contest
2021/6/13Team formed