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Evolution of UI design

The "flat design" craze

Prior to the 2010s, a design trend called "skeuomorphism" was prevalent.

Skeuomorphism refers to concrete designs that evoke images of the real world.

Since skeuomorphism is information-intensive and hampers operability, there is a growing demand for designs that are simple and intuitive.

This is why a design called "flat design" began to emerge in the early 2010s.

Flat design is a web design that uses simple, flat concepts without the visual effects of three-dimensionality or gloss.

While flat design has the advantage of simplicity, it also has the disadvantage of being too simple, making links and buttons unnoticeable.

Therefore, it has been pointed out that flat design, which is easy to understand for those who have experienced skeuomorphism, may not be understood by those who have not experienced skeuomorphism.