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Future prospects for UI

VUI spreading with the spread of AI


How do you see the UI evolving in the future?

It is said that more and more devices will be equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the near future. For example, recently, car navigation systems have been equipped with AI, and AI-powered food delivery robots have emerged. This will increase the opportunity to talk directly to AI and make VUI more accessible.

A New Form of GUI, Pneumophysm


In GUI, there has been a lot of focus on "pneumophysm" in the past few years. Neumorphism is a design that falls somewhere between skeuomorphism and flat design, where texture and unevenness are expressed through the shade of light and shadow. Unlike flat design, where elements were floated, it can give a fresh and sophisticated impression. In addition, it is easy to invert colors, making it easy to support dark mode.

However, there is a disadvantage in that it is difficult to distinguish between uneven and convex surfaces because the color of both is almost the same. This is a fatal flaw in the UI, so it has yet to be widely adopted.

Recently, however, there is a tendency that flat design, which only seeks rationality, is getting boring. We believe that we need not only a rational UI, but also a UI that is fun to use.

We have created a trial page for the calculator to see what kind of application it would be if Neumorphism became popular, so please try it out from the link below.

Click here to experience Neumorphism Calculator
*You can also try it on your computer, but opening it on your smartphone will give you a better feel for the app.

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