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Changes in readability due to placement

Layout, in simple terms, is the arrangement and arrangement of things. In this section, I will explain the different types of layout in a website and how it changes the clarity of the website. and how it changes the ease of understanding.


On a website, information is basically aligned on the left. However, by centering the information, the amount of information and visual impact is increased.

and visual impact becomes stronger. To take advantage of this, large headings on a website that you want people to see the most are often centered. This is often the case.

2. Move closer, move further apart

For example, it is common to see websites with a variety of information lined up as in the image above, but it is difficult to know where the information you want to see is.

This makes it difficult to know where to find the information you want to see. To solve this problem, we can bring similar or related information closer together and separate unrelated information. By keeping similar or related information close together and unrelated information far apart, you can make it easier to find and read the information you are looking for.

3. Repetition

Regularity in design gives a sense of stability to a web page. If information is placed haphazardly and in a jumbled manner If information is placed in a haphazard manner, the viewer's eye will not be able to settle on it, and confusion will result. A design with a certain amount of repetition of headings, images, etc. as a single cohesive unit You can improve the visibility of your website by creating a design with a certain amount of repetition of headings and images.